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PCB Assembly Service

Продукт категорії {companyname} , ми спеціалізовані виробники з Китаю, PCB Assembly Service , Printed Circuit Board Assembly постачальників / фабрика, оптові високоякісні продукти з PCB Assembly Service R & D та виробництва, у нас є ідеальний післяпродажне обслуговування та технічна підтримка. Чекаємо на Вашу співпрацю!

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Jinghongyi PCB: PCBA, PCB Assembly, Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services Provider.

Jinghongyi PCB is a leading PCB manufacturer and assembler in China. It provides one-stop PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services, including PCB prototype manufacturing, small and medium batch manufacturing, and Prototype PCB Assembly Services, Quick Turn PCB Assembly, Low Volume & Small Batch PCB Assembly, Middle Volume PCB Assembly, High Volume PCB Assembly, Turnkey PCB Assembly Service (including PCB production, component procurement, assembly, quality management, etc.), Lead Free PCB Assembly, Multilayer PCB Assembly, LED Lighting PCB Assembly with High Quality, Reasonable Price and Fast Turnover Time Ability.

What Does PCB Assembly Mean?

What Does PCB Assembly Mean

Printed circuit board assembly, also known as PCBA, is the process of mounting various electronic components to a PCB. A circuit board prior to assembly of electronic components is known as PCB. Once electronic components are soldered, the board is called Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA). The traces or conductive pathways engraved in the laminated copper sheets of PCBs are used within a non-conductive substrate in order to form the assembly. Attaching the electronic components with the printed circuit boards is the concluding action before using the fully operational electronic device.

PCB Assembly Service in China

PCB Assembly Service in China | JHYPCB

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a professional PCB assembly manufacturer in Shenzhen, China, offers one stop quick turn, high-quality, low volume yet affordable Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Services, Specializing in prototype PCB manufacture and assembly all-in-one. Ideal for engineering firms, makers, Kickstarter projects and students. Get a Quote! 

Although there are many companies in the United States, Britain, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany, Romania and other local selection of PCB assembly manufacturers, but they are not cheaper than assemble in China, because China's PCB assembly cost is lower, better quality.

Why Choose US for PCB Assembly Services - Turnkey, Quickturn PCB Assembly Service

Turnkey, Quickturn PCB Assembly Service

Turnkey Services
Instant Online Quote
Affordable Pricing
  •  In-house PCB Manufacturing
  •  Authentic Parts Procurement
  •  Stencil and Assembly Services

Contact our online customer service or send us an email. 

We offer 7*24 hours of online real-time quotation and online customer support.

We have many years and rich experience in PCB production and assembly. There are very professional technicians and operators, with very advanced PCB assembly process, they are the guarantee of product quality. On this basis, we can also provide you with cheaper, better quality products.
Quick-Turn assembly
100% Quality Guarantee
Mature Capabilities
Get the entire PCBA produced in 20 working days from order confirmation to dispatch, including sourcing of parts. However, if you need faster delivery time, we can do it, but you may need to pay an additional premium.
100% quality guaranteed - free re-work if needed. All parts are sourced from reliable suppliers, and each board undergoes free visual inspection. X-ray inspection, AOI testing, In-Circuit Testing (ICT), and functional testing are also available.
JHYPCB's assembly lines are fully compliant with IPC-A-610F, are capable of SMT, through-hole and mixed assembly, and can solder BGA and fine-pitch components from 0.38mm pitch. PCB types include rigid, flexible, rigid-flex and aluminum boards.
Prototype, Small or Large Batch
Sourcing Options
Considerate Customer Service
Whether you need prototype PCB assembly or bulk assembly, JHYPCB can cater for as little as a single piece 1 to 10000 pieces and has dedicated assembly lines for both low and high volume needs.
We can source components from reputable distributors, or you can choose from us. These parts are cheaper and can reduce the entire PCBA production time to 7 working days.
Every PCBA order is assigned a project manager to assist you with the order process. The engineering and assembly teams will also communicate any issues with you to ensure your order proceeds as planned.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly Capabilities | JHYPCB

We have extensive experience with lead-free and RoHS electronic assembly. Lead-Free presents challenges beyond the traditional leaded PCB assembly. We can guide you through the process and help you produce fully RoHS compliant PCB assemblies.

  • Prototype PCB Assembly as Quick as 1 Day

Our printed circuit board assembly service is China's leading one-stop solution for PCB and assembly under one roof; specializing in small and medium runs with fast lead-times and no minimum quantity requirements.

  • A Seamless Process from PCB fabrication to PCB Assembly

All printed circuit boards assembled by JHYPCB are maded and we maintain full control of the entire process so you don't have to manage multiple vendors.  When you choose JHYPCB, you can be sure that your PCBs flow directly into our in-house Assembly Department to begin assembly without delay.

  • Assembly Types

  •     Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly

We are capable of small volume SMT prototyping PCBs with both automated and manual assembly.

  •     Ball-Grid-Array (BGA) Assembly

We are equipped with advanced automated BGA placement equipments as well as X-ray inspection equipments to guarantee the quality of BGA assembly.

  •     Through-Hole Assembly

Components are placed by inserting leads into holes that covered with solder. Both automated and manual through-hole assembly are available.

  •     Mixed Assembly

Both SMT and Through-Hole components will be placed on the PCBs. Single or double side mixed assembly is available.

  •     Kit Assembly

PCB Types for Assembly

  • Prototype PCB Board
  • FR4/Rigid PCB Board
  • Aluminum PCB Board
  • LED PCB Board
  • Flexible PCB Board
  • Rigid Flex PCB Board

  • Solder Types

Lead-Free (RoHS compliant)

  • Assembly Time

From 8 hours to 72 hours once all parts are ready

  • Component Types

  •     Ball-Grid-Arrays (BGA) of 0.25mm pitch with x-ray testing
  •     Passive components as small as 01005 (0402) package
  •     Fine-pitch components as small as 0.38mm pitch

  • Test Types

  •     Visual Inspection
  •     X-Ray Inspection
  •     AOI Testing
  •     In-Circuit Test
  •     Functional test

  • Component Suppliers

  •     More than 10,000 in-stock components (OPL)
  •     Digikey, Mouser, TME, Element 14 and more-

  • PCB Assembly Testing Capabilities Learn More

Category Product Function Test Type Test Location
MCU 51 serial MCU
AVR serial MCU
ARM Cortex M0, M0+, M3 and M4 serial
IC Programming JHYPCB's Fab
General GPIO Functional Testing
Voltage, Electricity Current, Resistance Test, etc.
I2C/Uart/SPI/CAN/One Wire/SWD
Temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure etc. ...
Functional Test JHYPCB's Fab
Communication GSM/WCDMA/LTE
Sub-1 GHz 315/433/868/915
Functional Test JHYPCB's Fab
Monoboard Computer BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, etc. Functional Test JHYPCB's Fab
Certification FCC, CE, GS, TELEC etc. Regulatory Accredited Third-Party Lab

PCB Assembly Applications

PCB Assembly Applications - Aerospace
PCB Assembly Applications - Automotive
PCB Assembly Applications - Biomedical
PCB Assembly Applications - Consumer-electronics
PCB Assembly Applications - New Energy
PCB Assembly Applications - Industrial
PCB Assembly Applications - Network-computer
PCB Assembly Applications - Telecommunications

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Design Tips

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Design Tips

  • Choosing between ROHS (LEAD-FREE) or standard (LEADED) solder

JHYPCB is able to produce both RoHS and Leaded Solder boards. In terms of rework and removing components,leaded solder is easier to deal with. It also offers a cleaner, shinier finish.

RoHS is used most frequently when shipping to Europe. As RoHS and Leaded solder temperatures are different, boards must either be completely soldered with RoHS or Lead. This includes BGAs. Non-RoHS components can withstand RoHS process. Avoid mixed process; that is, mixed solder. For example, a standard HASL bare board should not use a RoHS assembly process.

  • Water Clean

Aqueous clean process uses water soluble flux during soldering. The board is cleaned using water. This process yields shinier solder joints and an overall cleaner looking PCBA, without any flux residue.

Use No Clean Flux only if your PCBA has some parts (batteries, microphones, speakers, relays, etc...) that can be damaged if submerged in a water wash. No Clean Flux leaves flux residue on the finished PCBA; however, flux is non-corrosive and non-conductive.

If a few components are water sensitive, you may choose to have the PCBAs processed with water soluble flux without initially soldering the water sensitive components. Make sure include specific instructions to hand solder these few components after cleaning with No Clean Flux.

  • Silkscreen

If silkscreen for assembly is not provided, full assembly drawing is required. While we assemble boards without silkscreen, we will have to bypass inspection. Errors may occur.

  • Placement (X-Y) Centroid Files

If you do not send centroid files with you CAD data, we can extract them for an extra fee.

  • Shortages

Kit audit reports are given within 24 hours.

  • Fiducial

1mm circular pad on board. Ideally, three anywhere on board -- as far away from each other as possible. They should not form an isosceles triangle. For arrays, it's preferred that they are not on rails.

  • Moisture Procedure

Inspect parts indicators: whether parts are usable straightaway. If they are not, JHYPCB uses a baking procedure to remove all moisture.

  • Paste Layers

We will use customer-supplied paste layers, when present. If they are not provided, we will create them. When creating paste, JHYPCB does not require customers' approval before usage.

  • Multi-part Assembly orders

Generally, we do not allow multi-part assembly orders. For an acceptable multi-part assembly order, combine BOMs and Centroid Files, and make sure reference designations are not duplicated.

  • Substitutions

JHYPCB will notify and seek approval from customers before making substitutions for components.

PCB Assembly Cost

PCB Assembly Cost

PCB assembly cost has its standard calculation method, which includes cost of PCB manufacturing, component, SMT/DIP assembly, test and logistics. In terms of small prototype order, engineering cost will be charged. Flying probe or frame test for PCB manufacturing, stencil and regular 5% loss of components during PCB board assembly process should be also concerned. For PCB board assembly test, it depends on the test plan and duration of completing one board. 

PCB Assembly Cost = PCB manufacturing cost + PCB frame test or flying probe test fees + PCB engineering cost (only for small prototype order) + Component cost (additional 5%) + SMT assembly charges + PCB assembly test cost + Box building charges + Package cost (for special application) + Logistics cost (requested)

PCB Assembly Process

PCB Assembly Process | JHYPCB

PCB Assembly Process

PCB-assembly-process-flow-chart | JHYPCB

PCB Assembly Process Flow Chart

Things Needed for Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Following electronics parts and consumables are needed for PCB assembly

  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Electronic components
  • Soldering materials including solder wire, solder paste, solder bar, solder preforms (depending on the type of soldering to be done)
  • Soldering flux
  • Soldering equipment including soldering station, wave soldering machine, SMT equipment, inspection and testing equipment etc.

Once all of the above equipment, electronic parts and all raw materials are arranged, it is time to start the printed circuit board assembly process.

1. PCB Manufacturing

PCB design & fabrication helps you with experienced PCB design and fabrication, high accuracy, quality control. In general, your PCB prototype can be well served by us. PCB Assembly includes layout, fabrication and assembly. We also have monthly abilities of offering 35,000 square meters PCB, 80 million point SMT and introduce ICT, flying probe, AOI, X-ray, function test, burn-in test into inspection phase. We can help you with a system of transforming natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer and strive to have the most optimized supply chain to make efficient and costs lower.

2. Screen Printing of Solder Paste onto PCB Board

loctite solder pastePhysicochemical and process property of solder paste directly impact SMT soldering quality. Solder paste printing is applicable for placing appropriate amount solder paste onto PCB pads, in order to ensure good circuit connection between SMT components and PCB pads and their mechanical strength. Solder paste printing is the critical process of SMT. Metal template printing is conventionally applied so far. According to related statistics, 60%~70% quality problems are caused by solder paste printing in premise of quality guarantee of components and printed circuit board. Requirements of solder paste printing:

a. Place solder paste appropriately, evenly and uniformly. Solder paste shape is clear and neighbor shapes do not connect. Solder paste shape is in compliance with that of pad, without any dislocation.

b. In general, the unit area solder paste amount should be 0.8mg/mm2, particularly 0.5mg/mm2 for narrow-pitch components.

c. After solder paste printing, the shape has no heavy collapse and edges are trim. Plate surface is not allowed to be contaminated by solder paste.

There are a large variety of solder paste with different alloy compositions, granularity and viscosity even for all from one manufacturer. How to choose appropriate solder paste highly impacts the product quality and cost. Now NOD Electronics is using Loctite lead free solder paste. We have figured out Loctite solder paste is reliable to ensure good product quality after process engineering test of its printability, demoulding, thixotropy, cohesiveness, wettability, welding spot defect and residue.

3. Lead-free PCB Assembly

In light of environmental concerns and customer request, we can offer lead-free PCB board assembly which complies with RoHS standards. At upstream, we choose PCB laminates in compliance with RoHS standards for PCB manufacturing. Also we use lead free solder paste and related reflow/wave ovens. We strictly fulfill RoHS requirements in light of your local regulations and don`t want to make you into any trouble on this basis.

4. Burning Program and In-Circuit Test (ICT)

Our test engineers will check short circuit, voltage, current, signal transmission of PCB assembly boards according to your ICT test plan. A professional report will be handed up to you if for any detected problems. For batch order, we design exclusive test frames to fast the ICT test process. We are also well sophisticated with decoding and burning program for you. Related test frame will be built to ensure products work effectively according to your requirements.

PCB Assembly Requirement List

No. Types Of Assembly File Format Component Footprinr Component Package Testing Produres Produres Others
1 SMT ASSEMBLY Gerber RS-274X 0201,0402,0603- Reels Package Visual Inspection Lead-Free(Rohs) Custom Reflow Profile
2 SMT & THT Assembly BOM(.xls,.csv,.xlsx) BGA,QFN,QFP,PLCC Cut Tape Package X-Ray Inspection Leaded Solder Standard Reflow Profile
3 2 sided STM,THT Assembly Pick-N-Place/XY file SOIC,POP...Connectors Tube and Tray AOI,ICT(In-Circuit Test) Reflow Soldering Smallest Size:0.2"x0.2"
4 Mixed Assembly - - Small Pitch of 8 Mils Loose parts and bulk Functional Testing Wave Soldering Largest Size:15"x"20

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