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PCB Prototype

Продукт категорії {companyname} , ми спеціалізовані виробники з Китаю, PCB Prototype , Prototype PCB постачальників / фабрика, оптові високоякісні продукти з Prototype Board R & D та виробництва, у нас є ідеальний післяпродажне обслуговування та технічна підтримка. Чекаємо на Вашу співпрацю!

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Cheap PCB Prototype - Manufacturing And Assembly Services

What is PCB prototype and why it should be used

PCB prototype refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. After the electronic engineer designs the circuit and completes PCB Layout, the PCB gerber file, etc. is provided to the PCB manufacturer for small batch trial production. The purpose is to verify the correctness of the design and to test individual functions.

The number of PCB prototypes is usually not specified. It may be one piece, ten pieces or other numbers.

After confirming that PCB prototype production and testing are all right, small and medium batch production and mass production can be carried out and electronic products can be put into the market.

PCB prototype manufacturing can be divided into two ways: regular PCB circuit board factory and professional PCB prototype manufacturing company.

Regular factories produce PCB prototypes in order to have batch orders, so of course they want to return orders; PCB prototype manufacturers themselves only do prototypes or small batches, if there is a batch orders generally can not do.

In terms of quality assurance, it is certain that regular factories do better than PCB prototype manufacturing companies. Prototype manufacturing companies are One-Hammer Business. After prototype production is completed, prototype will be sent to you, and then payment will be received. they will not normally carry out flying probe testing. If the quality is not up to you, you have to retake it. Regular factories generally do flying needle testing, from material to process are meticulous and professional, so the quality is often successful once.

A PCB project involves a lot of things, if a product has problems in a certain link, it will easily affect the product development progress; PCB board making is also the same, generally a project, designed PCB will go to prototype manufacturing, do a few boards for testing, if the test passes, all OK, then you can find batch manufacturers in the future. Direct mass production, the price will be much lower than the prototype manufacturer, prototype manufacturer prototype production is mainly highlighted fast.

What are the benefits of PCB prototypes?

Before mass production, we recommend that you use PCB prototype design services for functional testing of new products. The benefits of developing PCB board prototypes include:

If there are any errors, quickly test and correct the design - after waiting more than a week for the board, you will be anxious to get them into your application. You can do this when you pre-test your design with a PCB prototype.

Detection of any early potential design defects-PCB prototype design service allows you to discover any design problems within a few days and correct design errors in time before putting them into production.

Order a small amount of production, MOQ only has five boards if necessary - save money and reduce risk by delaying large orders until you know you have the type of sheet you need.

Benefit from lower production tolerances - It offers a clear indication of how well your PCB will perform

Once the prototype board can meet your quality and performance requirements, you can carry out comprehensive production. Then, we will transition from PCB prototype board service to standard PCB manufacturing service, providing stricter production tolerances and more advanced options, including free manufacturing design (DFM) checks, to detect potential problems that may reduce the quality of PCB.

While it may be tempting to simply order your full printed circuit boards and decide you`ll deal with any design flaws that arise as they come, it`s rarely the most efficient solution. You may get the boards out sooner, but if something goes wrong, it could prove to be a lot costlier and more time-consuming than taking an extra few days to test a prototype.

Using JHY PCB Rapid Prototyping Service saves time and money in the long run

PCB prototyping is a best practice method used worldwide to validate the quality of design before continuing. In the past, some companies might not have time to develop Prototype PCB, waiting for assemblers to put PCB prototypes together and test them. However, due to the rapid prototyping of PCB provided by JHY PCB, this is no longer a problem. You can send your prototype PCB board design Gerber file and production requirements in a week or less, and have a fast PCB prototype. It will give you enough time to test the PCB prototype board and prepare for your regular production operation.

PCB Prototype and PCB Fabrication Manufacturer and service

What is PCB fabrication?

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication is the assembly method for circuit boards used in electronic and computer devices. The layers of the board are put together along with the specific surface pattern so it can be used in electronics manufacturing.

JHYPCB, China PCB Manufacturer offers PCB prototype and fabrication service with 100% quality guarantee, offers 24 hours Quick Turn PCB prototype and Reliable small-batch PCB (Low Volume PCB Prototyping) production, affordable price and best service.

Prototype PCB Service vs. Standard PCB Service

Using PCB prototype services

Board for design review or pre-production quality testing - Our PCB prototype service is the perfect way to ensure that there are no errors in design before entering mass production.

Fast PCB prototype Turnaround - Fast PCB prototyping means that you can quickly access circuit boards.

With 8 or more layers of boards - As we are trying to get your board back to you as soon as possible, we provide rapid PCB prototyping for boards with 8 or more layers.

FR-4 board - Your PCB prototype will use standard FR-4 material.

If you need, please choose us to provide you with standard PCB manufacturing services:

Small and medium batches and mass production - Once you know that your design is effective, you can contact us to obtain standard PCB services for full production in your application.

Slightly longer turnaround time - Since these are the boards you will actually be using, it takes a little longer to make sure we get everything just right. However, now that you have tested the design, you can go right into your projects once you get your boards.

Boards with up to 32 layers - We have much more flexibility with materials and layers once we have the time to develop your full boards.

FR-4, Aluminum PCB , Metal Core PCB , Flexible PCB , Rigid-Flex PCB , Double-Sided PCB, PCB Stencil , or other types of boards.

Prototype PCB Assembly Services

JHYPCB offers custom PCB Assembly to go along with our high-quality fabrication and component procurement services in China. This includes fast, affordable PCB assembly Prototype service where we take your unique PCB designs, prepare them for the assembly process and perform comprehensive testing to ensure they meet your precise performance requirements. We can provide a complete turnkey PCB Prototype assembly featuring a one-stop shop approach that saves you time, money and hassles.

Benefits of prototype circuit board assembly

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) prototypes are used to reduce the number of errors or defects in the design of a circuit board at an earlier stage. This helps save a lot of costs that otherwise would be spent on rectifying those defects. Thus, most companies prefer to get a prototype PCB assembly servces prior to getting their final design of circuit boards manufactured.

Cheap Fast PCB Prototype

As a China Prototype PCB manufacturer, We are not only offer high-quality products and services, We also provide Cheap and Fast PCB Prototype.

JHY PCB can produce Fast PCB Prototype correctly & quickly& cost-effectively. Various options of lead time can be offered, such as 24 hours,48 hours,72hours, etc. We always make our promise happen! Once you release first Prototype Board order, you will find out that we are the right partner you are looking for.


  • Discover potential design errors in the beginning.
  • Proto PCB can help you to test design rapidly, so any mistake can be revised at once.
  • Quick turn PCB, shorter time.
  • Smaller quantity, MOQ.
  • Lower cost.
  • Flexible reaction.

Please see what we can do in our PCB Prototype Board manufacturing capability below. Prompt reply will be offered for your any questions. Accurate quotation will be subject to your Gerber, specifications and delivery time.


Manufacturing Capability

Number of Layers

1 - 8layers

Order Quantity

5pcs - 100pcs


FR-4 Standard

Maximum PCB Size(Length x Width)


Board Dimensions tolerance

±0.1mm - ±0.3mm

Board Thickness

0.4mm - 4mm

Board Thickness Tolerance

±0.1mm - ±10%

Copper Thickness


Min Tracing/Spacing


Solder Mask Color

Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Silkscreen Color

White, Black

Surface Finish



Flying probe, Testing Fixture

Additional Information

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